Technical information Z-CRM365

The Z-CRM365 system consists of 2 editions:

Standard edition

This basic version contains the following functionalities

Synchronize Zuora products with MS Dynamics 365:

  • Creates/updates Zuora products in Dynamics 365.
  • Creates/updates Zuora product rate plans in Dynamics 365.

Convert probability to subscription:

  • Checks for Opportunity-products associated with Zuora product rate plans.
  • Creates an account and contact person in Zuora, if it does not already exists.
  • Creates a subscription in Zuora.
  • Converts opportunity product information (quantity, unit price, manual discount) to subscription request, overriding the standard rate data.
  • Start an ”Sync Account” process.

Convert quote to subscription:

  • Similar to convert probability to subscription.

To process changes to subscriptions:

  • Update cost quantities for ongoing subscriptions from Dynamics 365.
  • Add or remove product rate plans from active subscriptions (up-sell/down-sell scenarios).

To manually sync account information:

  • Creates/updates Zuora accounts in CRM.
  • Creates/updates Zuora subscriptions in CRM
  • Creates/updates financial transactions from Zuora in CRM.

(Re) send Zuora Invoice PDF:

  • Send Zuora invoice PDF by email to the customer or another email adress.

General functionality:

  • Supports custom field sync.
Business edition

The corporate edition includes all of the before mentioned features of the Standard edition and adds the following:

A hosted Zuora to Dynamics 365 sync service

  • An automated recurring overnight sync.
  • Work services that detect Zuora changes to be synchronized with Dynamics 365.
  • Multi-tenant Web Portal where Zuora customers can register for and manage the Zuora-CRM365 Sync service
Data models Z-CRM365
Technical overview Z-CRM365

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