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Subscription Management | Zuora

Zuora integration with the existing CRM system of review platform FeeFo.


FeeFo is a disruptive global technology company that empowers brands to make smarter decisions and improve consumer experiences by unlocking the full potential of real customer reviews. FeeFo is also a multi-award winning company, recently recognized by the Sunday Times as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe.


Their advanced review platform is trusted by more than 3,500 brands, including Vauxhall, Expedia, JCB and Thomas Cook, who rely on them to deliver smart insights that enhance their ability to market, sell and build more rewarding customer relationships. The power of customer reviews to generate consumer insights, grow sales conversions, and provide valuable customer insights and analytics. FeeFo’s technology and consulting team, a trusted partner of Google, has unique expertise and business acumen, enabling brands to apply breakthrough innovations that optimize digital marketing and ad delivery.


MS Dynamics 365 is the leading CRM platform in the FeeFo architecture. During the project, the already available foundations of the existing Z-CRM365 connector were improved and modified based on FeeFo’s exact requirements. The development of the Dynamics 365-Zuora integration between Zuora and FeeFO was part of the initial project.

The basis of the already available Z-CRM365 connector had to be completed in order to be able to use it in the secure production environment. The main functionalities are the Zuora product catalog synchronization to Dynamics 365, the conversion from Opportunity to Subscription and the synchronization of subscription and financial data from Zuora to Dynamics 365.

Account, subscription and financial data synchronization is done by the manual account synchronization.

Account-, abonnement- en financiele gegevenssynchronisatie wordt gedaan door de handmatige accountsynchronisatie.

Subscription Management | Z-CRM-365

Support of the quote-to-subscription process for Priva.


Priva is where people live and work and where food and flowers are grown, their products and services are used in all kinds of sectors such as greenhouses, offices and public buildings, urban agriculture, retail, hotels, healthcare, museums and open-field horticulture.


Priva develops specific solutions for these sectors, which can be easily scaled up to other customers and adjacent sectors. Priva solutions help their customers achieve a more profitable business with less use of scarce natural resources such as energy and water. That is what Priva calls creating a climate for growth.


Priva uses the online version of Dynamics 365 for this. The Z-CRM365 connector is implemented to support the process from quotation to subscription. The standard Z-CRM365 version, including the manual synchronization of Account, Subscription and Financial data, has been extended with the automatic Sync Service.


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